Shenone Multi-Functional Commercial Car Interior Washing Mattress Curtain Sofa Carpet Vacuum Cleaner
ShenOne multi-functional commercial car interior washing mattress curtain sofa carpet vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning machines
Technical Specification
FunctionWet and Dry 
Tank Diameter345mm/440mm
Mode Of CoolingCirculating Air Cooling
Air Flow Rate48L/S/53L/S/106L/S 
Vacuum Suction210mbar/250mbar 
Power Line Length7m/8m
Hose Diameter36mm/40mm
Colourper your needs

1)Hose ------- Flexible Tube, tensile, compressible and anti-aging

2)Steel pipe -------- The utility model can be lengthened when taken, the stainless steel material is firm and durable, and the rust is not rusted

3)Water Absorption ------- Water Vacuuming Head, suction sewage water

4)Vacuum Cleaning ------- Dust Vacuuming Head, absorb slight dust

5)Round Brush ------- 360 degrees without dead ends, for irregular objects surface clean, brush side suction

6)Suction Nozzle -------- Long Flat Vacuuming, Suitable for corner, window slot, door crack, bookshelf, keyboard and so on